Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I - It Wasn't Missing In Action

Ah, the Super Bowl Halftime Show! That all-American tradition where over-the-hill entertainers try to regain some small sense of relevance. As has become somewhat to be expected, this year's show was punctuated by a small touch of "inappropriateness". It seems that some strangely named singer(?) decided to enhance her(?) performance by, well..., by flipping the bird. Now the exact rationale behind this move is a bit unclear, and I have to admit that I am pretty much absolutely, totally uninterested in why it happened. What seems much more entertaining is all the howling that goes on about it afterwards.

Now I'm not a big fan of semi-obscene gestures on TV, but within the context of a highly sexualized song and dance number involving pretty explicit body language and gestures I'm not sure that one errant digit really deserves so much attention.

One other thing. What's with the weird name? Why call yourself M.I.A.? It doesn't make any sense to me why someone would name themselves Mindless Infant A**h**e. Oh well, I guess I'll never understand the world of today.

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