Sunday, June 12, 2011

L - Let's Get Together....

Some things just don't go together.

If you look very closely at the sign in the accompanying picture you will notice an odd juxtaposition of businesses. Consider how the bottom three businesses work together. First, we have the DMV, the infamous Department of Motor Vehicles, where people go to get their driver's licenses. At the DMV you have people going out to take the driving test, nervous, uptight and worried. They come back and wait anxiously to hear that they drove OK and finally they get the go-ahead to legally drive in Oregon. Oh, happy day!

And what better way to celebrate that you are now a legally licensed driver than to swing by the Liquor Store for a celebratory bottle. So convenient! And now, fortified by bottle and license you can take to the streets and drive like most of the people in Central Oregon. If the unthinkable happens and your driving skill combined with the contents of the bottle fail to keep you safe on the road then you can wend your way back to this little mall, where, between the liquor store and the DMV you will find a Rite-Aid drug store - the ideal place to acquire those necessary post-accident bandages and analgesics.

One-stop shopping! Ain't it great!

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