Thursday, August 6, 2009

W - Star Trek - The Future Begins

I saw the new Star Trek movie with my son the week it came out. Incidentally it seems to have no real subtitle, it is just “Star Trek”. That presents some difficulties in identification, so I’ll just append the tagline onto the title of this post and call it good. I haven’t reviewed the movie before this because I’m still not sure what I want to say about it. Overall it was a fun movie that I enjoyed a lot, especially the way it seemed to develop the backstory of the original characters. Unfortunately it also had some significant issues with the personalities of the players, which are sort of glossed over by the movie’s time-travel/parallel universe gimmick. And that is the fundamental problem with this movie - it isn’t really about the characters of the original strip - it is a completely different set of characters with the same names. So, while I enjoyed the action and would rate the movie as a “B” just on its own merits, I think I’ll give it a “C” for failing to actually fit into the niche in the Star Trek chronology it is purported to fill.

Worth seeing, but not so much if you are an original series geek (not that I am or anything...)

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