Wednesday, July 22, 2009

W - Public Enemies

I saw this film a few days ago with my 18 y/o son. It is a semi-biography of some of the highlights of the criminal career of John Dillinger. We both enjoyed the movie, although I would have to say that at least part of what made it good was just the quality of the cast. Overall the script seemed to have bit off just a little more than could be comfortably handled in the two hours and 10 minutes it took. As a result it really helped if you already were familiar with Dillinger and his exploits (as both of us were). Without that knowledge a lot of the early part of the film seemed rather disjointed.

Once things got rolling there was sufficient action along with the actual plot to keep things both interesting and at least moderately coherent. Dillinger came across as perhaps a bit too sympathetic a character, although history does seem to show that he was perhaps a bit more loyal to his fellow thugs than they were to him and each other. It is wise not to forget that Dillinger and his cronies were murderers and thieves with little regard for the lives or rights of anyone who opposed them.

Public Enemies is rated "R" for language and violence - although I didn't feel that either was excessive or egregious. Overall it was a pretty good way to spend an evening with my son, but it probably not a movie I would see twice.

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